Life Sentence​/​Man With a Mic

by Cody Pate and Nicolas Jackson

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I sat down and showed Cody how to write and record A Capella music/rap. This is the result. He wrote a song. then I wrote a song. Partly in response and defense of his song.


released December 21, 2011

"Life Sentence" Written and Recorded By Cody Pate

"Man With a Mic" Written and Recorded By Nicolas Jackson

All tracks mixed, mastered and produced By Nicolas Jackson.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Nicolas Jackson (The Catz) Chico, California

I am a one man band. I own a Rockband Microphone. I own a copy of MS Word. I own a copy of Sound Forge 9. I own a copy of Sam Broadcaster. I downloaded Audacity onto a computer that I also own. I have an internet connection and a set of headphones that I stole from my adopted brother. Put that and a few other bits together and you have something akin to music.

I am also a record label.
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Track Name: Nicolas Jacksson (The Catz) - Man With a Mic
Give a man
Or a boy a mic

Say what you like

About me

But give a man
Or a boy mic

Let him say
What he wants to say

You know no one listens

You want to change their minds
Good luck with that shit

A person is a person

No lies
No humbug
No bullshit

You don’t like free speech
Not from those under 18
Not from those over 18

I’ve seen what your fucking lies do
I lived it
You know it’s true

If we are really
Land of the free
Home of the brave
Any of that shit

You will defend it
You will do as I
Have and have said.

They make their bed
You think they are too young to sleep in it

They know more than you think
They know more than you think