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I went to Canada was homeless for a bit. Came back to Auburn had to face the prospect of returning to Hellhole, CA and this album was the result. It was written, recoded and mixed on December, 8th 2011. The 31st anniversary of John Lennon's murder


released December 8, 2011

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Nicolas Jackson




Nicolas Jackson (The Catz) Chico, California

I am a one man band. I own a Rockband Microphone. I own a copy of MS Word. I own a copy of Sound Forge 9. I own a copy of Sam Broadcaster. I downloaded Audacity onto a computer that I also own. I have an internet connection and a set of headphones that I stole from my adopted brother. Put that and a few other bits together and you have something akin to music.

I am also a record label.
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Track Name: Connors Ave
On the north end of town
Between The Mackers and The CJs
A Gray Sprawling House
Is Falling Down

As I write these words
I share the blood
Of most inside
But it’s all a lie

I Grew Up
On Connors Ave
Neither here nor there
A house
Of Nowhere

Memories remain
But they are covered
Like the panel sideing
Stucked to a gray wall

If you ask my address
I am quick to reply
I repeat
It’s all a lie

I Grew Up
On Connors Ave
Neither here nor there
A house
Of Nowhere

Last I checked
It’s still there
This house
Of Nowhere

Memories aren’t there
Memories are nowhere
Just a worn out shack
Wants a dozer to take it back

I Grew Up
On Connors Ave
Neither here nor there
A house
Of Nowhere
Track Name: I Can't Go Home
So They Tell
The Road has changed me

No doubt ‘bout that

Still they say
Boy you better get back

To the place you used to be

Shut up. Stay With Family

Nice advice
But stop

Must think

Once….or twice

This road
This road has changed me

Like Paul
I can’t get back
Get back
To where I was belong

Can’t write a new song

It was two of us
Going nowhere
Hard earned pay

Never mind that

I can’t go home
But I must

Go to take the double one
Off to see
No one

New baby
Not kin
Not kin

Don’t take me there
Track Name: Home Free
There is no such thing
As Homeless

All in the mind
All what you leave
Or don’t

This time tomorrow
Things is gonna change

Only thoughts remain
No oness or zero
What a shame
That’s all I claim

But no matter what you say
There is no such thing
As Homeless

Only the truly
Home Free
Track Name: Free
I am Free

I am Free

Free that is
To live is misery

But no complaints here
For fears

Breeds hate


And Suffering

At least I can say
I live the artistic
Track Name: Salvation Army
When I wrote
To you last
I wanted to be

I won’t lie to you
I lie to you
You know it’s true

I still wish I were past
Light it up
And wait

Wait for The Salvation Army

Ridding on their steeds
They know no greed


This is no lie
They want me to die

And so do you

Dickens said it best
Fuck the poor
Fuck the needy
Feed the greedy

If I want to die
I’d better do it
And reduce the surplus population

I would
But you see

There is more of a chicken
Than a turkey about me

And you eat the turkey
Without that turkey
We would need The Salvation Army

Their god damn pot
And that fucking bell
Help the poor get well

Salvation Army
I wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy
And a Happy

Go to hell!
Track Name: Go To Sleep
Go to sleep
Sing no more
Zip it up
They care no more

They never did
They never do
You sing this song
Just for you

So go to sleep
Sing no more
Lock your door

Roommates judge
You Hates them all
And as you sing
They hear through the door

You hate them
They Hate You
Tell ‘em to bug off
What they gonna do

It’s over now
The road
Or streets
Where you’ll be

They said to me

No respect
At least I follow
That golden rule
Fuck me
Fuck you

Go to sleep
No more to do
That’s a lie

Everyone lies
Trust no one
Thanks to Fox

Love saying that
Must end song
Just go for that.
Track Name: Delayed Gratification
Delayed Gratification
Delays United Nation

Read the news today
Get your copy
It Goes Away

Delayed Gratification
Delays All The Nations

Talkn hopes and dreams
Hellhole of tomorrow
This just in
We have knowledge
Never Begins

Delayed Gratification
Delays shrinks worldwide

They earn their living
That much is valid
Thing is
All they really say
Delayed Gratification

Fucks up the nations
Dreams of tomorrow
No hope
Only sorrow

Delayed Gratification
Delayed Gratification
Track Name: Live Now
Modern World
Is What it is

Love the humbug
Love fucking my mind bout it

The bullshit

Without it. I’d have nothing to say
Nothing to sing
I’d really have nothing

But that’s not the way
Live Now

If you want to go
Get out that door
Plan and plan to fail

So no more talking
No more song

Get out there
Play along

Live now
Never past
Design the game
You Want to last
Track Name: Killing Time
I’ve got time
I’ve got time
Too much time
No rhyme

Same old words
Nothing new
Still no listeners
What to do

Must make money
Must fill time
Must find a way
Write two more

Must fill album
Make them pay more

Not that they will
I tell them to buy
I call them names
Scratch my head
Who to blame

Can’t blame God
Dismissed that shit

Who to blame

God damn it

Must find blame
Exit condition
Of Wild loop

Not that shit again
Same shit again
Same shit again
Track Name: Penultnaminte
Here she be
Next track finale

I’ve said so much
Nothing at all

Say what you want to say
No one listens anyway

But that’s just old
Must find new

Must find conclusion
What to do
To go home?

But no home
To go to
Dad disrespect me
Mom don’t get me
Sister in army

Russian roulette
To beat terrorist
Fucking funny

Unless she dies
I’ll feel like shit
But then again
I was there
She was too busy

Then there’s Rachel
God damn baby
I hate babies
And to be fair
All mankind

Maybe a natural disaster
Come wipe us out
Matrix was right
Humans equal virus

But I don’t kill
Not my place
Even a bug

I write this shit
It’s what I do
It’s my skill set
How bout you?